Our ‘little’ baby started school last week… I remember holding him in my arms (all 10lbs of him) and thinking in five years you’ll go to school… back then it seemed so far away… and now he is five.

    I said in an earlier post that on his first day I’d probably skip down the school driveway… well I did… and saved my tears for when I was back in the car!

    He was ready and so excited to be starting school. Bubbling with bravery and confidence. This morning he called out “Mummy!” across the playground… I turned and he waved, blew me a kiss and said “I love you Mummy!” I knew at that moment that we’ve done a good job (so far!)

    Our kids are a little blasé when it comes to cameras and being photographed, I admit that I was THAT mum outside the school gate taking the obligatory ‘first day’ photos on my phone, he wasn’t phased, he took it all in his stride. He hauled his oversized school bag onto his back and said “Let’s go!”

    His school days have begun!