…well I never really went away or stopped working … I’ve just had some ‘quiet’ time to grow these two mini-me’s!

    Our youngest ‘baby’ will start school next year and while I admit I will shed a tear or two on his first day (and probably skip down the school driveway with a huge grin on my face!), I’m also excited to be able to dedicate more daylight hours to our photography business and share with you what we’ve been up to.

    First up you may have noticed we have redesigned our website! What do you think? It was refreshing to take the old site down and build a new one from scratch – I enjoyed going through our terabytes of images (17+ years of professional shooting for two photographers does result in many terabytes!), reliving some jobs and stumbling across images I’d long since forgotten about. Not to do things by halves, we are now starting on Chris’s website as well – see www.theimage.co.nz

    We photograph buildings, machines, anything really, but at heart we are photographers of people; I don’t think that’ll ever change! The details, expressions and environments of people capture our imaginations. People are interesting! And food of course! Food is interesting too!

    We love to bounce ideas around, drink coffee and take photographs. Give us a call or drop us an email! We love new projects!

    Enjoy our images, enjoy our website, and enjoy the small moments.