I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions (being February I think it’s a bit late now!) … but IF I were to make one for 2017 it would be to print more photographs.

    This week I have finally got around to printing some of our personal family ‘summer’ holiday photographs. I use the term ‘summer’ loosely… Wellington hasn’t had the best of summers this year! We’ve had the odd fantastic day where my hopes are raised and we get the paddling pool out for the kids, then the next day I’m hauling rain coats out of the cupboard again and looking at the deflated paddling pool on the lawn… sigh…

    Anyway! Print more photographs. Every time I do a print run I’m really pleased that I did. I’ll admit that we are a little like the cobblers kids in that we print and attend to all of our client’s photography needs and tend to neglect our own! Once in a while I’m spurred into editing and printing our own family photographs and each time I tell myself that I should do this more often.

    A long time ago in the days of film I lived (I mean worked) in a commercial darkroom. I had white pasty skin, dark hair… didn’t see a lot of daylight – and I loved it! The magic happened in the darkroom. I make no apology that I am a little biased on photographic prints!

    Now we live in a more modern era and the ‘magic’ happens on our phones, tablets and computers. Our busy lives are busy and we like the instant gratification of seeing our photographs digitally, the ease of being able to share our images with others immediately and not to mention the portability of our multiple devices. If I have my phone with me I always have a camera with me.

    Once we’ve photographed a moment on our phones, smiled, ‘shared’ and then automatically backed it up to the cloud… then what? Usually we move on. The photograph forgotten.

    Our kids love pawing through a pile of photographs… my perfectionist gene kicks in and I remind them a few to many times to handle the prints by the edges, be careful not to ‘thumb print crease’ them… my heart rate increasing… but then I remind myself that these photographs are for the kids. These are their memories, so what if a print gets creased or smudged with fingerprints. The joy on their faces and their excited chatter about the time the photograph was taken is pure Gold! I wish sometimes I could bottle it.

    So what do we do with all of these prints? Well, in our house we have frames that we cycle images through, we have prints on our fridge with smudges on them (!) and the kids have prints on their bedroom walls (gosh I love washi tape!) And we have a big plastic box full of prints.

    Print more photographs!