As I sit here in Wellington and write this post it is pouring with rain outside. Flooding is closing roads in our area and we’ve had a major earthquake (we are all fine – a bit shaken but taking it all in our stride!)

    At 12:02am on 14 November 2016 we were shaken awake by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake (that’s a biggie for those not familiar with earthquakes!) We huddled with our kids, reassuring them, scrambling for the radio to hear the latest news updates. We were lucky not to lose our power so we were able to track the shakes live on GeoNet and news websites. We rolled through the aftershocks, and then tried to get some sleep. To say the least, not a lot of sleep happened at our house.

    At these times our immediate thoughts turn to our families and loved ones – touching base to check all is well. We have family locally and also in Australia, our thoughts were to let them know we were safe and not to worry.

    Technology is wonderful!

    From our family to yours – keep safe and dry out there, be kind to one another and touch base with those important to you.