Some jobs are pretty sweet! (pun intended!)

    Brief: Create images that make the lollies….. yeah, I stopped at the word lollies too!

    In all seriousness, Jen – the lovely owner of Wellington based lolly shop Sarkara (BTW she has my childhood dream job – Lolly Shop Lady!), asked us to create some images of her new gift boxes for her online lolly shop (sounds dangerous doesn’t it?!) We were able to help Jen pin down her many ideas into a brief with clear photographic deliverables, and got some tasty photographs!

    We were really taken with Jen’s ideas and approach – send candy to a friend as an alternative to flowers – brilliant! We’ve all sent flowers to someone and struggled to describe what we want to the busy florist at the end of the phone… in the end, crossing our fingers, surrendering our credit card number and hoping that the bouquet will look good on arrival.

    This fresh approach allows the customer to select the type of gift box (several price point options available) and then choose the exact lollies that you’d like to go into the box. Genius!

    Go on, give it a try online, or go and visit Jen the Lolly Shop Lady in her lolly shop in Manners Street, Wellington CBD – you’ll be spoiled for choice!

    I can vouch for the sweets – they are good. Really good. One or two (who am I kidding!) may have needed to be taste tested whilst shooting… purely for photographer energy levels and product control!