Our children are a little blas√© about cameras and taking photographs, I guess with both parents being photographers it’s not really surprising.

    The long weekend that our daughter got to ‘go to work with Mummy!’ sure was an event in the life of Miss S! We were going away together. Alone. She was going to be the big girl and be my ‘assistant’ – a huge responsibility in the eyes of a 6 year old! ‘Are we going to use the big black camera’s Mummy?’

    Our road trip to Taupo cemented some memories for us both, which I hope she will remember fondly one day when she takes her own child away with her on an adventure…

    Here are some images I captured on my iPhone. Yes, I shoot on an iPhone as well!¬† I’m a firm believer in keeping it simple – I’m a busy mum as well as a photographer and I don’t carry my ‘big black cameras’ with me all the time – crikey I’d have muscles like the Incredible Hulk if I did! Hmmm come to think of it, my son would think that would be pretty cool… anyway I digress…!

    My iPhone is small, convenient, unobtrusive and it means I do have a camera on me at all times should I need it. This may sound strange coming from a photographer but I do believe in living and experiencing the moment rather than creating or recreating it for the camera. Call me old fashioned.

    I’m often asked by others about which camera they should buy or which is best – Canon or Nikon… the answer is I don’t know which camera you should buy, and Canon and Nikon both make fantastic cameras. I chose to use a ‘black’ camera, it works for me.

    It’s not about the gear or which camera you use, it’s about where you point the camera and what you let it ‘see’.

    The best camera, in my humble opinion, is the one you have with you.